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Wet Suit Seal Cement

Wet Suit Seal Cement

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Wetsuit Care and Repair products to add longer life to any Wetsuit.

  • Repairs tears and nicks to the Neoprene on Wetsuits
  • Repair of ripped seams or tears that are completely through the underlaying material may require stitching in addition to cement application
  • Black color matches most Wetsuits
  • 4oz jar with applicator brush


    • Weight:  162g (100mm)
    • Length: 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm (±17°)
    • Material:  3-D Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
    • Angle: 73° (±17°)
    • Steerer Tube Diameter:  11/8in
    • Stack Height: 40mm
    • Clamp Width: 40mm
    • Clamp Tourque: 5Nm
    • Finish: Matte Black with White Accents
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