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Legacy II

Legacy II

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Key updates to the Legacy bar include improved ergonomics and added hand positions to create a more dynamic bar. The armrests feature width adjustment along with rotational adjustment. The simple yet adjustable design of the Legacy II adds versatility to any road bike.

  • Construction: Forged 6061-T6
  • Armrest: Venturi
  • Extension Angle: 44°
  • Extension Rise: 58mm
  • Extension Adjustment: Fixed
  • Stack: 50mm
  • Reach: -50mm
  • Width: 80mm, 63mm, 45mm (center to center)
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm (26.0 w/Shims)
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 450g


  • Weight:  162g (100mm)
  • Length: 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130mm (±17°)
  • Material:  3-D Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Angle: 73° (±17°)
  • Steerer Tube Diameter:  11/8in
  • Stack Height: 40mm
  • Clamp Width: 40mm
  • Clamp Tourque: 5Nm
  • Finish: Matte Black with White Accents
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thorsten Kapp

Fits great on the Xlite 06 is firm and ergonomic.

Easy to install, Instant 2mph faster!

After reading through the reviews, I was a little concerned that installing would be a challenge, so I pre-bought longer screws and rubber backing to keep the bars from moving. Turns out I didn't need any of that. It took me about 30 minutes to install with the parts provided, but I probably wasted 20 minutes making sure I had everything I needed ready to go. I had to go out and buy electrical tape and bar tape to finish it off.

I'm 4 rides in with the new Aerobars, and I'm instantly 2 mph faster! I got comfortable with the new body position quickly and can feel the difference when I come out of the aero position back on the horns. If you're looking for instant gratification, this will do it!

My only knock is that they do not adjust in length, but then again, I bought them anyway, so that's on me. I'm 6'-3" and although they work great, I would like them to be slightly longer. Just food for thought. I'd buy them again for sure!

Zachary D.
Great ergonomics

They are perfect

Scott Newcomb
Works great on my hybrid bike

So, I had my triathlon bike stolen a little while ago. Until my new bike comes in, I've had to use my hybrid bike. In an effort to make it as race-worthy as possible, I decided to throw on road tires and get some aerobars. Apparently, putting aerobars on hybrids isn't very popular because of the body positioning it puts you in. But, it worked really well for me. It's a little less stable than being on the handle bars, but I didn't notice that at all once I got going. The aero benefit by far outweighed that.

Of the ones I tried, this was definitely the best. The price was good and the bars are very comfortable. I have long arms, but that wasn't an issue at all as the armrests are nice and big. Also, the curved bars made them really comfortable. I thought the pads were very comfortable.

It was really easy to install and they included extra parts for 26mm bars - which I have on the hybrid. This was the only brand in this price range that I saw with the adjustment parts.

Just finished my first race and I was very pleasantly surprised with how well they performed. I was in the aero position for most of the 18 mile bike leg and felt really comfortable and surprisingly fast. My hamstrings were definitely feeling it more than normal when I got off, but that's more the hybrid than the bars.

I would highly recommend these aerobars.

Roman Rameder
could be better

The handlebars themselves are great and the grip positions allow a much longer and more pleasant ride. Unfortunately, the workmanship could be a bit better. have damaged the thread although I used a torque wrench with only 5 nm and not 6 nm as specified. the screw was simply torn out of the thread, just unlucky. Thank goodness the part was then replaced for me.