Frame Protection Strip

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These straps are designed to effectively attach the ATTK IC and TANK storage syetems to bikes without the necessary top tube braze-ons. A rubber shroud for cable ties to prevent damage to surfaces and increase grip.

  • Soft Rubber strip with a channel to house a cable tie
  • Slightly grippy to help prevent slippage
  • Can be cut down to fit smaller tubes


The Frame Protection Strip is designed for cables ties betwen 2mm and 4mm wide.

It can be used on any material, anywhere that you would normally use a cable tie.


The Kit Includes:

  • 2 x 200mm long Frame Protection Strips
  • 2 x 250mm x 3.6mm cable ties.
  • Material: Soft Rubber
  • Length: 2x200mm long Frame Protection Strips
  • Color: Black Smoke
  • Weight: 12g